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Free paraphrasing tool for students. Rephrase your essay in 4 easy steps and avoid plagiarism.
1.Paste the text you would like to reword.
2.Choose words you don't want to be paraphrased and click the "Paraphrase" button.
3.Select synonyms for each of the highlighted words from the list offered or suggest your own.
4.Copy the final text or download it. That's it!
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Paraphrasing Tool - Fast and Accurate Online Text Paraphraser for Any Content

Paraphrasing tool is one of the best inventions for students. It helps deal with the most serious issue in academic writing - plagiarism. When writing papers on similar topics, students tend not only to use ideas and information from outside sources but also can accidentally repeat their own thoughts from the previous papers. But Turnitin remembers it all. That is why students always need to ensure that their papers are completely unique. Using paraphrasers helps reword sentences, changing words with their synonyms, thus, making their essays original.

How Does A Rephrasing Tool Work?

Revising your paper and fixing it has never been easier with a paraphrasing tool. The principle of its work is very simple. After you paste a text into the field, the tool finds synonyms for the words that are present in your text: nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. Some tools replace the words with synonyms right away. Others don’t do automatic replacement but provide you with a list of synonyms. So, you become a writer, choose the most appropriate one for your paper and reformulate it. Here are some examples that were taken from such a tool for better understanding:

Original: Each picture told a story.
Rephrased: Every painting revealed a tale.

Original: Prices on Tesla cars are very high.
Rephrased: Cost of Tesla vehicles is really expensive.

Original: Ukraine has beautiful nature.
Rephrased: Ukraine has magnificent landscapes.

Replacing words with synonyms is a basic function of each paraphrase tool but every company delivers it differently. It is up to you to decide which option works for you and your specific essay. If you feel that it's too much work, you can always hire an essay writer. A professional will handle an assignment on any topic and of any difficulty, restructure and make it original.

Reasons to Use Our Tool

There are many alternative paraphrasing tools online but not all of them have all the necessary features. Our team conducted in-depth research, collected student reviews, and created the best rephraser that you can use it with no limit and completely free of charge. Here are some more benefits that our tool has in comparison to other similar tools:

Features Any Rewording Tool TopEssayWriting Paraphrase Generator
Available 24/7
Unlimited access
Appropriate terminology
Long list of synonyms
Download text in any format
Natural language
Add words you don’t want to paraphrase
Free usage
Rewriting services


In addition, our tool has no length limit. You can paste the whole essay at once and work on its paraphrasing, or just reword my sentence. Other tools often have a certain limit of characters that can be rephrased. It is not convenient and makes you spend even more time.

These were the reasons why our tool is better. Our team spent much time, though, and research before building and launching it. We created it with a sole purpose - to make students’ academic life easier and more exciting. Use it to get an original essay and focus on more important things.

Features of TopEssayWriting Paraphraser

In order to use the tool properly, you should know all its features and how you can benefit from it. Here is a list of features our synonym generator offers:

  • Works for any text. It means that one may use this reword tool not only for academic papers. Writers, editors, journalists, and any person who works with content will benefit from it. The genre of your writing doesn’t matter, either. Paste and edit personal letters, fiction stories, poems, tweets, Instagram captions, etc.
  • Opportunity to choose synonyms. You get involved in the paraphrasing process of your text. This way you add a human touch to your writing. It is necessary if you want your content to sound natural. Automatic generators usually choose inappropriate synonyms that can hurt your text and its meaning. The essay will sound sloppy and will result in a low grade. Sometimes it is better to spend more time polishing your writing than getting your paper ruined. 
  • Free access. Work on fixing plagiarism in your texts for free. There is no need to create an account, or leave your personal information, email, or phone number. Simply visit the site, paraphrase online, and do your job. Very convenient for students who do not want to spend money on paid subscriptions.
  • Unlimited revisions. Paste your text as many times as required and revise it until it is ready. No limits or restrictions.
  • Natural language. Our generator analyses your content and offers the best terminology. You are able to replace words with synonyms without losing the meaning of the text and keeping the main idea.
  • Open 24/7. This technology has no days off or holidays. So, even at night, the tool is available and ready to help you with paraphrasing, regardless of your time zone.
  • Professional help offered. We understand that some students do not have time for this tool or simply do not know how to paraphrase. That is why you may hire an expert to correct my paper and receive an excellent assignment just on time before submission.

Polish Your Paper in Just 4 Easy Steps

There are different generators and some of them have different principles of use. Our tool is very easy to use. Take a look at these four main steps in paraphrasing with our generator and change sentence with same meaning:

  1. Paste your text. The first step is simple. Just copy and paste your essay in the specific field.
  2. Add words to exclude. Select words you do not need to be changed. These may be proper nouns, names, etc. Press the button and the tool will start analyzing your content.
  3. Select synonyms. Reword generator offers a list of synonyms for the words that could be changed. Check and decide which synonym to keep. 
  4. Download completed text. Finally, download an improved version of your original essay in .pdf, .doc, or .docx and submit it for grading.

Using our tool is very simple and convenient. It does not require special knowledge or skills. Creating plagiarism free essays has never been so easy.

We’ll Help You Improve Your Essay

Every student is familiar with the situation that they do not have time to complete the essay on their own or do not know how to reword sentences. But when the deadline is approaching, there’s not much time to change the whole essay on your own. Try our professional writing assistance online and see how our editing helper will improve your essay. Or simply get college essays for sale completed from scratch, submit it, and enjoy a good grade.

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