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We are a market leader in providing research paper editing services. Make the most of our reliable and trustworthy services when your workload gets too onerous to deal with. Only properly edited and proofread papers pass muster with your tutor. All our editors have verified skills to make your paper stand out.

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This is what makes us trustworthy:


Our company makes every effort to exceed your expectations for quality, speed, and cost. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate priority. We achieve it by ensuring full confidentiality. When it comes to protecting customer data and privacy, we don’t take things for granted. We take specific measures to guarantee full protection.

Safe payment methods

To counter a host of online scams and the incidence of fraud, we have developed robust policies and procedures to safeguard your transactions against abuse. We only use secure payment methods and platforms to eliminate the risk of loss. When you wonder, ‘Who can edit my research paper using safe payment methods? We are here to make things easy and safe.

100% money-back guarantee

While we have an outstanding record in meeting customer expectations, sometimes, things may fall through the cracks. It is reassuring for our clients to know that they can claim refunds if things go south. Whether it is a missed deadline or failure to follow instructions, you are entitled to full repayment if our writer drops the ball.

On time delivery

We have a near-perfect record in delivering ordered papers on time. Reliability is what defines us as a writing company, and we take issue with every editor who misses the agreed deadline. Our quality assurance procedures allow us to identify issues early on and work with our writers and editors to put things right.

Plagiarism-free papers

Success in the online writing business depends on the extent to which companies can produce unique content. In this respect, it is not only content that matters. Our writers and editors make sure to check the format and citations. Using the academic writing style, which doesn’t condone the use of contractions and colloquialisms, also matters.

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79% of applicants pass the 3-level grammar test
51.3% of them get through the intake interview
28% of future writers make it to test assignments
3.9% ONLY are allowed to join our team

About our writers

We hire each and every editor through a highly competitive and tough selection process. All applicants are scrutinized for the reliability of their skills, proficiency, and past performance. They are fully qualified to examine papers and texts in their entirety. No errors, even minor ones, can escape their trained eye. We do not tolerate mediocrity, so their goal is to produce impeccable, error-free papers. They check, re-check, and check again papers to eliminate all errors and typos. All our editors are qualified to work across a broad spectrum of academic subjects and styles. Whether you study at a top university or a lesser-known institution, we have you covered. We expect nothing short of premier quality from our editors. Customer reviews show that they are not letting either our customers or us down.

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Professional Research Paper Editing Services for Hire

Who needs research paper editing service? For the most part, it’s students who feel uncertain about their skills or whose college professors asked them to do a revision. It is easier said than done because when you spent ages writing and perfecting an essay, the last thing you want is spending even more time on it. In these cases, people often look for research paper writing help and editing, but they quickly face a problem, which is, whom to trust? Editing is not just writing: a person needs to have unique expertise, perfect command of English, and excellent understanding of text, topic, and stylistics for being a good editor. We are always on the lookout for people like this. Our team has grown to include multiple experts, so if you want assistance, all you have to do is ask!

Professional Research Paper Editing Services

What Our Research Paper Editors Do

When students pay for a research paper and request editing, they often ask different questions. “How will this whole thing go?” is among the most popular ones, so this is what we are going to discuss here. After our clients place their orders, we select the most fitting experts for them. They consider instructions for a paper, and while they follow them, they also stick to some specific editing requirements. The standard process starts with editors reading the entire paper and making notes to themselves about what they would like to correct. The first step is grammar. They re-read each sentence carefully, catch errors, and remove them. Academic tone comes next: university level essays shouldn’t have contractions like “don’t” or “won’t,” personal pronouns like “I” or “we”, informal words, phrasal verbs, idioms, etc. This list is vast, and not every student knows about it.

Then, online research paper editor focuses on content itself. It should be clear and comprehensive for readers, so they paraphrase some aspects, add or remove sentences, come up with clarifications or elaborations, and do other things to increase the level of readability. Structure check is the following step. Each paper should have clearly defined introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion. They need to be of appropriate length and have specific elements, such as opening and closing sentences. Thesis must be a direct claim, with no meaningless additions most students love (“This paper focuses on,” “This research will explore,” etc.). Format and citations check is also vital. Fun fact, but even students who’ve been writing academic papers for years struggle with getting all formatting rules right. They often forget a comma or a dot here, a citation there, or where to use italics vs. quotation marks. Editors make this aspect of essay perfect. When everything is ready, they start proofreading it one last time. Note that we work with all subjects and formats, so one way or another, we will be able to help you!



When I got my paper I was skeptical because I couldn’t check it looked good, my English is average. But my teachers comments are worth everything and he was very happy, so good job here.

Tell us about your experience with our services, leave your feedback to get it featured.

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Placing an Editing Order Online: Step by Step Instruction

When you want to hire research paper editing services or get a research paper for sale, you might start wondering how to do that. On our website, it’s easy. Let us outline the steps you’d have to follow:

1) Setting parameters for your essay. When accessing our site, students quickly see an order form with questions. Select answers from the roll-down list with options. Pick “editing,” then point out other details. We want to know how many pages you’d like us to work on, your preferred deadline, formatting style, number of sources, and of course, everything about instructions themselves. Choose a subject, state your requirements, upload any relevant files. The price for your order will be displayed below, so if you don’t have any questions or complaints, click “order.”

2) Select a payment method and pay for your order. Our team offers a variety of payment methods to our customers. They include Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard. Pay for your research paper editor and they will start their work ASAP.

3) Contact your writer for updates. ;If waiting for your deadline is difficult, no problems — you can drop a message to your writer and ask how they are doing. There is an option of direct contact, so write whenever you feel like it. The expert will give you status update and reassure you that they won’t let you down.

4) Read the paper and give your approval. Our work doesn’t stop from the moment we send your order to you. We insist that you read it and tell us what you think. Are you satisfied? Does everything look like it should have? If something is amiss, contact us ASAP. We’ll correct our mistakes.

How It Works

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Complete the order form and pay


Get a writer and work together


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Who Is Going to Edit Research Papers I Wrote?

Some people contact us with request, “Is it possible for you to do my assignment for me free of charge?” In most cases, the answer is, regrettably, no. We hire the best experts to handle our clients’ orders, and they need to be paid. No one is going to work for free – but it doesn’t mean that we charge a lot, too. We found a middle ground between pleasing our clients and compensating our employees: this principle allows us to headhunt true experts. Like we already stated, editors are a special breed. They need to be extra attentive, meticulous, and knowledgeable. To join our company, they pass the regular tests everyone else does, meaning that they answer grammar questions and write their own essay. We look at how well they did here, and if everything looks great and their CV mentions they are interested in editing, we give them an additional task.

Each person who’s going to edit research papers has Master’s or PhD degree. By the time they apply to us, most of them already have some publication posted online, which lets us assess their professionalism. About 5% of candidates make it through, and after that, they spend some time on probation. Our HR managers use a variety of tactics to boost editors’ education and eliminate any gaps in their knowledge. When they finally start accepting client orders, they are prepared for it professionally. Because of this, we guarantee high quality to all customers.

Format of your essay

We can also format it according to your specific requirements

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Why Us: Benefits and Unique Features

Lots of students know that when they catch themselves thinking, “I’d like someone to do my homework online or write my philosophy paper for me, for example” they should contact us. What makes us stand out is the fact of how many benefits we offer to customers. Listing them all would take several pages, so we’ll settle on presenting a few key advantages:

  • Customer support is always online. If you want research paper edit but still have questions left, don’t worry! Ask away. Our operators are waiting right there day and night, so it won’t be a minute before you get your reply.
  • Low prices and secure payments. Our customers choose how they want to pay for research papers. The price itself is affordable: it’s just $4.55 for one edited page. With our discounts, it might be even lower.
  • We provide personal feedback on clients’ texts. Editing research papers is a personal process. We tailor it to each customer. By their request, we provide detailed feedback on strengths and weaknesses of their essay.
  • Even hot deadlines accepted. Our service accepts hot orders with very short deadlines. If you are panicking because you have to submit your essay to professor today, no need: if at least 6 hours are left, we’ll be able to cope with research paper proofreading.
  • Quality guarantees. We maintain quality by hiring the best experts, offering free revisions, removing plagiarism, and providing refunds in cases where we failed. Your money is safe with us.
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Our term paper editing service is ready to support all students with any tasks. Drop us a line and explain what kind of work you need, whether it is editing or "do my research paper" service. We’ll select only top editors, and you’ll realize how much better your paper starts looking. We welcome feedback and maintain transparent policies, so you have nothing to fear: what you see is what you get.


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